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IA serving employment
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At Gojob, we want to solve the problem of the mismatch between supply and demand in the world of work. For this, we are convinced that data and technology will be the solutions to the problems of the labour market: unemployment, workforce shortage areas, discrimination... Thanks to Gojob AI Lab, the Artificial Intelligence serves workers as well as employers. So that everyone can have access to the fundamental right of working and to do so in the best possible conditions.

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A new algorithm generation of machine and deep learning :

Aglae© Staffer

Intelligently and automatically sources candidates in order to keep a high volume of applications in our system.

Analyzes and enriches the candidate's profile : his/her declared and underlying experiences, his/her real and inferred skills, his/her motivation to work, all the assignments he/she can perform.

Matches the profile with the assignments in an ethical manner and without discrimination.

Aglae© Coach

Recommends assignments to keep the worker active.

Online training before each mission.

Promotes advancement by suggesting training offering employment in sectors that are hiring.

The impact on the job market

When I applied to Gojob they didn't ask for my degrees, I didn't have any. I was just asked about my skills and what I wanted to do. Today I am training and I continue to learn.
Mickael C.Gojobber
Thanks to their AI, Gojob manages to find and train candidates for us in workforce shortage areas where recruitment is traditionally very complicated.
Céline B.HR Manager
I am young and without a diploma. Gojob trusted me and offered me e-CACES online training. I obtained my first job the next week.
Eddy R.Gojobber

Take a look behind the scenes at Gojob AI Lab

The Gojob AI Lab team

Fifteen people now make up the Gojob AI Lab and 30 employees are expected to grow the team.

Talents involved

Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Product Manager, Analytics Engineer. These are 5 different talents that build the Gojob AI Lab products.


Gojob AI Lab works hand in hand with industries specialized in AI.

The entire AI ecosystem mobilized around employment

Gojob AI Lab works with many partners, academics, startups, consulting firms, to launch initiatives at the intersection of AI, cognitive science and ethics. The objective? To create a community, share work and publish research in order to have the greatest impact on the job market.
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