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18 février 2022 - TechRound

Meet Pascal Lorne, Founder & CEO at Digital Recruitment Agency: Gojob

Pascal Lorne talks with TechRound about creating Gojob and how he sees the company's future.
7 février 2022 - Logistics Manager

‘Logistics Manager Vision’ launches with Brexit debate

With the launch of a new series of broadcast content, ‘Logistics Manager Vision’, Steven Kirkpatrick, CEO of Gojob UK & Ireland, take part in a debate about crossing the Brexit divide.
16 décembre 2021 - HR Magazine

Can HR prevent employees from taking up a second job?

Despite the ongoing row over whether MPs should be allowed to hold second jobs, the activity is actually not as unusual across the wider economy as many people think.
14 décembre 2021 - The Times - Raconteur

How recruiters can bridge the shortfall in labour and skills

Bolder investments in learning and development, combined with imaginative approaches to recruitment, could help employers to tackle an increasingly serious blockage in the talent pipeline
6 décembre 2021 - Workingwise

What is the solution to the skills crisis?

Lucie Mitchell investigates how employers can best address the skills shortage across so many sectors and how they can attract back those who have left the labour market during Covid.
4 décembre 2021 - HR Magazine

Paterson row sparks debate on probity of second jobs

The latest political scandal has put MPs’ extracurricular earnings in the spotlight, but the practice is common outside Parliament and is not necessarily a bad thing, argues CATH EVERETT.
2 décembre 2021 - Employer News

Digital recruitment agency brings UK temporary recruitment into the 21st century

Gojob, a digital temporary recruitment agency which helps employers find candidates five times faster than traditional agencies and 20% cheaper, has officially launched in the UK.
1 décembre 2021 - Recruiter Magazine

Experienced recruiter Kirkpatrick heads up Gojob in the UK

Gojob, a digital temporary recruitment agency, has officially launched in the UK.
8 novembre 2021 - Supply Management

Five top tips on how to beat labour shortages

A perfect storm is hitting the UK’s economy and labour market, with a combination of a Brexit-induced exodus of EU staff, Covid-19 illness and self-isolation, and structural challenges in certain sectors meaning many businesses are struggling to get the staff they need.
8 novembre 2021 - HR Magazine

Why it’s time for temp recruitment to embrace the 21st century

The world of temporary work has changed. It’s now time for the way we recruit temporary employees to change with it.
25 octobre 2021 - Logistics Manager

Gojob, the leading french digital temporary recruitment agency, is landing in the UK!

After 6 years in France, Gojob is going global and wants to revolutionise the labour market in the UK.
2 mars 2021

Gojob has worked its way up to 18th place in the prestigious Financial Times FT1000 ranking and is the leading French company on this list!

On the 1st of March this year, Gojob secured a spot in the prestigious Financial Times Magazine FT1000 ranking. Having risen to 18th place, Gojob is the leading French company on the list - a real feather in its cap!
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