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Gojob, the 100% digital temporary recruitment agency

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Why you should choose Gojob

Recruit a first-rate Gojob temporary worker

Best workers

Our algorithm allows us to match your assignments with our best temporary worker profiles.

We carefully validate their interpersonal skills and their motivation during an interview. And 100% of our temps are trained before they take up their position.

Low-cost temporary recruitment with Gojob

More reactive

Thanks to our processes and our digital tools, we can offer you profiles 5 times faster than a traditional temporary agencies.

Temporary recruitment overseen by Gojob

More competitive

We offer rates 15-20% lower than traditional temp agencies.

You also gain internal productivity thanks to our HRIS-connected tools or our online reporting.

Compliance and Accreditations

Gojob values are deeply involved in the protection of our workers. We are therefore licensed by The Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) and fully operate in line with those standards.

It is our first priority to ensure our customers (especially the one operating in agriculture and in the food and drink processing) that not only will they hire the best qualified profiles and moreover will be in total compliance with the Authority.

Our offers are tailored to your needs

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Looking for temporary workers?

We take care of everything for you, from recruitment to contract management, whatever your line of business.

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Already know the temporary worker you'd like to offer temporary jobs to, but...

Don't have the time to deal with the administrative side? You can count on us!

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Permanent/Fixed-term employment

What about using temporary recruitment for pre-recruitment?

All of our temporary recruitment contracts are flexible.

Our business and career expertise

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Your administration costs halved

At Gojob, everything is 100% digital, cutting back your administration time by more than 50%:

  • Contracts
  • Time sheets
  • Invoicing
  • Dashboards monitoring your quality indicators...
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Our customers are our best ambassadors

Over 900 companies have already placed their trust in us.

They're talking about us in the media.

Gojob AI Lab, our Artificial Intelligence laboratory serving employment

Gojob AI Lab is developing an Ethical Artificial Intelligence serving recruiting compagnies and career paths sought by workers.

  • Aglaé© Staffer finds the best temporary worker profile for your company in 24 minutes.
  • Aglaé© Coach provides workers with career paths adapted to theirs skills and aspirations but also adapted to the evolutions and needs of the labor market
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