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You're in the right place to read the latest news in HR Tech! Here you will learn about how Artificial Intelligence is transforming employment by fighting worker shortages and finding the best temporary workers. Our blog ensures you are updated with all professional content in your area of expertise.

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Second Chance Employment

Second Chance Employment : Opportunities and Benefits

April was Second Chance Month, an observance formalized by President Biden in March 2022 “reaffirming the importance of helping people who were formerly incarcerated reenter society.”
Technology and the Great Resignation

Technology and the Great Resignation

Blue collar talent is in high demand more than ever before. Tapping into that talent requires creativity, agility, and the ability to put hiring on a fast track.

Leveraging Technology to Speed Up the Hiring Process

You are recruiting for a forklift operator. Applications have come in and hung around HR for a while before being forwarded to the hiring manager. When contacted, two of the four applicants have already accepted jobs elsewhere...

Opportunities in Microlearning

E-learning and, especially, microlearning, offer a different, quicker, and more readily accessible source of information to fill in skills gaps, or explore new areas of interest.
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