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You're in the right place to read the latest news in HR Tech! Here you will learn about how Artificial Intelligence is transforming employment by fighting worker shortages and finding the best temporary workers. Our blog ensures you are updated with all professional content in your area of expertise.

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Second Chance Employment

Second Chance Employment : Opportunities and Benefits

April was Second Chance Month, an observance formalized by President Biden in March 2022 “reaffirming the importance of helping people who were formerly incarcerated reenter society.”
Technology and the Great Resignation

Technology and the Great Resignation

Blue collar talent is in high demand more than ever before. Tapping into that talent requires creativity, agility, and the ability to put hiring on a fast track.

Leveraging Technology to Speed Up the Hiring Process

You are recruiting for a forklift operator. Applications have come in and hung around HR for a while before being forwarded to the hiring manager. When contacted, two of the four applicants have already accepted jobs elsewhere...

Opportunities in Microlearning

E-learning and, especially, microlearning, offer a different, quicker, and more readily accessible source of information to fill in skills gaps, or explore new areas of interest.

Best Practices for Onboarding and Welcoming Temp Workers

Most companies have a formal onboarding process for their traditional employees, whether full-time or part-time. Many, though, fail to formally onboard their temporary or contract workers.

The Power of AI for Training Employees

Technology is driving significant change in many industries and professions—HR is no exception. Today’s technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, have the power to impact employees in many positive ways—from hiring, to onboarding, to training, coaching, counseling, etc.

Busting the Myths to Get at the Big Benefits of Work-Based Learning Programs

As employers continue to face labor shortages, many are looking to alternative sources of labor—whether for full-time or temporary positions. One of these sources, while not new, is definitely gaining traction in this tight hiring environment—work-based learning (WBL) programs.

Soft Skills Matter: For Everyone

Soft skills are in short supply these days across all industries, jobs, and types of employees. Soft skills are the skills we need to “get along” with others—whether those others are clients, customers, vendors, or colleagues.

Training Needs for Blue Collar Workers

There’s a myth out there in the service and trades industry that is ripe for myth busting—the myth that tradespeople, or blue collar workers, aren’t interested in ongoing training to build upon existing and learn new skills.

Addressing Employee Safety Concerns with technology

Employees, especially those working on site, have a number of safety concerns these days related to lingering pandemic risks and a rise in violence around the country. But these relatively rare risks pale in comparison to the on-the-job safety risks that blue collar workers are exposed to on a daily basis.

Avoiding Ageism In Hiring and Employment Decisions

Ageism is a pervasive problem these days, especially as more and more Baby Boomers decide to stay in, or return to, the workforce. Employers aren't necessarily intentionally ageist in their hiring and employment practices, but bias can creep in.

Using Data to Forecast and Meet Hiring Demands in Tight Labor Markets

Whether your new hire needs are related to a planned new construction project, new transportation demands as were seen during the pandemic, a disaster response such as Florida is seeing now in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, or anticipated holiday demand, when you need new employees you’re always faced with a lot of questions.

Responding to Employee Shortages for Blue Collar Roles

Learn how second-chance hiring can help blue-collar industries overcome employee shortages and benefit both employers and employees.

Reaping The Positive Potential of People With Criminal Records

In the United States, having a criminal record has traditionally represented a black mark on an individual’s record, limiting their ability to effectively reenter society after their jail or prison term has been served.
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