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27 juin 2023 - Article

Powerful media coverage for Louisville office inauguration

The inauguration of Gojob's new offices in Louisville on June 21 caused a major buzz in the American media. This event, which represents a milestone for the company specializing in recruitment and temporary staffing, was widely reported in several newspapers.
23 juin 2023 - Press release

Gojob, the Innovative Workforce-as-a-Service Platform, Establishes Corporate Office in Louisville, KY

Gojob, the leading Workforce-as-a-Service platform that combines proprietary technology and data to revolutionize the labor market, is proud to announce the establishment of its corporate office in Louisville, Kentucky.
21 juin 2023 - Press release

Gojob pursues its commitment to social impact and becomes a B Corp

Gojob, the leading platform for employment services specializing in temporary work and innovative workforce solutions, is thrilled to announce its official certification as a B Corp. This prestigious certification is a testament to Gojob's dedication to fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.
9 septembre 2022 - Presse release

Gojob raises 23 millions euros !

Launched in 2015, Gojob announced today a new round of financing of USD 23 million from Amundi, European leader in asset management, Banque des Territoires and its existing shareholders Breega Capital, KOIS and Alter Equity.
15 avril 2022 - Authority Magazine

Angie College Hooper of Gojob On The Labor Shortage & The 5 Things We Must Do To Attract & Retain Great Talent

Employers need to see how they can be more flexible, by challenging the norm and asking questions such as — is the work during designated hours, or can the employee work a modified schedule? A balance clearly needs to be met but it is dependent on the type of work. Flexing is an approach that has proven to develop loyalty — especially those within organizations adhering to traditional working models.
10 mars 2022 - Authority Magazine

Meet The Disruptors: Pascal Lorne Of Gojob On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

Pascal Lorne talks with Authority Magazine about his backstory, his vision and Gojob's future.
4 février 2022 - Yahoo Finance

Global Gojob appoints Angie College Hooper as US Chief Operating Officer

Gojob, the global digital disrupter in temporary recruitment with social impact, has appointed Angie College Hooper as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the US to drive Gojob's expansion and growth in North America.
15 novembre 2021 - Staffing Industry

Gojob in the Staffing Industry Review

Each month, Staffing Industry Review highlights an innovative company. This month is Gojob !
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