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Welcome to the Gojob career page.

Hello and welcome to the Gojob career page !

Before you consult, and why not apply for our offers, you will certainly be happy to know a little more about us. If you are in a hurry, you can find out about the open positions right away!
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Discover Gojob

Established in the USA and in France, Gojob is an Workforce-As-A-Service platform that leverages proprietary Tech and Data to make the labor market more fluid & accessible and empower workers with dignity. At Gojob, “We staff instantly, at scale and with care”. Twice hailed by the prestigious Financial Times ranking, elected #1 of the “Growth Champions” ranking in Europe, recently certified B Corp, Gojob continues its ascent on the employment market for a concrete social impact. Our project is based on 3 key pillars : Innovation : Our ecosystem is 100% tech, our data infrastructure and our AI “Aglae” revolutionize recruitment processes end-to-end. Sourcing, matching, gestion, onboarding, following, training… at Gojob, technology is everywhere. 🚀 Efficiency : For our customers, we commit to actual results. We are focused on delivering, and we use our data to be best-in-class and transparent when it comes to our performance. . 😎 Impact : Certified B Corp, we follow clear KPIs every month to monitor our ability to help vulnerable workers find a job and then build a career. 🤝 8 years after its creation and thanks to 15M$+ invested in R&D, Gojob is accelerating its growth in the US and over Europe. We are on our way to become the next gen Global Staffing leader.

Our values

1 - Be 100% user centric

2 - Ownership

3 - Be agile

4- Recruit and develop the best

5 - Think big

6 - Focus

7 - Stand up for your ideas and get involved

8 - Be transparent

9 - Be a leader

10 - Fraternity

The benefits

  • 17 PTO / Year (more with seniority)
  • Health Insurance (some options)
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • 401K (100% of the first 3% of gross earnings)

But most importantly: getting up every morning to make an impact on the job market.

Working for a BCorp company

Gojob, a pioneer in responsible employment, continues its commitment with international B Corp recognition, and is now one of the companies leading a global movement for a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

This label rewards Gojob's work and achievements in terms of technological development, social impact and professional fulfillment for all.

Discover our score by clicking here.

Join the team

150+ employees

The average age at Gojob is 30. We are represented by 60% women and 40% men.

Present in France and the United States

We have been in France for 7 years and in the USA since 2021 in the Nashville, Atlanta and Louisville areas.

1,000 clients - 800,000 temps

Our Gobjobbers work mainly in the Logistics, Industry and Distribution sectors.

The Gojob story told by Pascal Lorne, CEO and founder of Gojob

"Say Dad, what's your real job?" It was during a phase of professional inactivity and thanks to this very down-to-earth question, that a still fuzzy vision of Gojob began to germinate in Pascal's mind.

The observation: work is a vector of social dignity, and woe betide those who stay away from it for too long. It is with this desire to have an impact on the unemployment of the most fragile people that he begins to explore the idea. Wanting to disrupt the sector, it was necessary to create something new. So we had to build a fully digitalized and data-centric temp agency, which relies on technology and AI to keep the promise made to the Gojobbers: to find them the best mission whatever their story.

"It's almost a political project. Joining Gojob means actively participating in an ambitious societal project, which makes us want to move mountains every morning. Our goal is to undertake differently to give meaning to our action."

Do you want to join the adventure?
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