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Freelance recruiter of temporary workers with gojob

Join the leading network of digital recruitment freelancers

Become a freelance recruiter

3 good reasons why you should become a freelance recruiter

freelance work with recruitment agency gojob

To be independent, but not on your own

A dedicated in-house team to help you on a daily basis + the strength of the Gojob community

wage of a gojob freelance recruiter of temporary workers

To earn more

The jobs entrusted directly by Gojob will bring you a turnover of €3,000 a month.

travailler en indépendant avec agence interim gojob

Être 100% digital

Les meilleurs outils de l’interim digital pour vous aider à recruter vite et mieux ! (growth hacking, intelligence artificielle)

What the Talent Agents say

"When you join Gojob as a freelancer, you're independent, but never on your own"
DianeTalent Agent in Lyon
"When I work for Gojob, I feel like I'm part of the team"
GuyTalent Agent in Rennes
"When you're a Talent Agent Leader, you enjoy the adventure of a startup"
ElodieTalent Agent Leader in Marseille

Which Talent Agent are you?

how to become a gojob talent agent freelance recruiter

Talent Agent: become a digital recruiter!

Gojob Talent Agents are based all around France and Europe. Independent, but never on their own! They work as a community. In helping to recruit temporary workers for our customers, they uphold Gojob's strong values

  1. Over €3,000 per month in turnover from your first year!
  2. Unlimited access to our Gojobber database: more than 300,000 profiles!
  3. A dedicated team and digital startup tools to support you.
Become a Talent Agent
the benefits of recruiting for gojob as a freelancer

Talent Agent Leader: set up your own agency!

Talent Agent Leaders are genuine temporary employment entrepreneurs. They broaden their offer to their customers by offering them the latest digital tools on the temporary employment market. By joining forces with Gojob, which provides the financial guarantee, back office payroll and invoicing, Talent Agent Leaders are independent, but never on their own! Most often situated in a big city or a specific employment area, they are involved in recruiting, managing the back office and managing relationships with their customers.

  1. Over €5,000 per month in turnover
  2. Financial guarantee paid by Gojob (€120,000)
  3. Unlimited access to our Gojobber database: more than 300,000 profiles!

The project

the gojob talent agent programme project

Born from the belief of Pascal Lorne, the founder of Gojob, that the recruitment industry has undergone profound changes since the arrival of digital technology, we wanted to support this transformation by:

  • Giving all eager recruiters who want to create their own digital recruitment business access to entrepreneurship
  • Creating the leading community of freelance temporary worker recruiters in Europe
  • Bringing innovation into the temporary employment market with a 100% digital recruitment platform

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