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the Gojob team

The Gojob family

Our mission: to find you yours

Gojob is a 100% digital recruitment agency that has been shaking up the codes of recruitment since 2015 throughout France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • Our mission? To give you access to employment and offer you the ability to progress regardless of age, gender, origin, degree or experience. Today 70% of our Gojobbers have no or few qualifications!

At Gojob, skills and a desire to work are enough to apply for a job.

  • We use the best technologies to help you. Also, a dedicated team provides you with personalised advice and guides you throughout your mission.
Here at Gojob, we're just one big happy family. There are you, the Gojobbers, the freelance recruiters, better known as Talent Agents and us, the men and women in the shadows behind your computer screen. Yet just because you don't see us, it doesn't mean we aren't there. Every day we work hard to find work which matches your profile and to support you throughout your professional career.
Louise, a recruiter with Gojob

Louise: a recruiter

It's essential to be in tune with our temps. Being close at hand for them every day is my priority.

Taïna, an advisor with gojob

Taïna: an advisor

At Gojob, we're constantly in touch with our Gojobbers. We support them at every stage in their career.

Milan, your personal advisor at Gojob

Milan: a recruiter

It's important to keep in touch with our Gojobbers! We're here to answer any questions they may have.

Pierre-Alexis, a recruiter with Gojob

Pierre-Alexis: a recruiter

We can suggest the ideal profile to our customers thanks to our ground-breaking technology and use of matching algorithms. This means we can find the perfect candidate in less than 15 minutes.

Alexandra, a recruiter with Gojob

Alexandra: a recruiter

Our role is to match the right profile with our customer's request. It's important for our Gojobbers to feel good about their job.

Laura, a gojob recruiter

Laura: a recruiter

What I like about my work is finding that special someone and at Gojob, there are plenty of those.

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The other members of the family

There are over 90 of us employed on a permanent contract with Gojob (we told you there were lots of us). You've just found out about the people you talk to directly, but, as you might expect, they're not the only ones. Most of us work from our head office in Aix-en-Provence. There is:

The team of Developers, Product Managers, Data Scientists and UX/UI Designers

Thanks to them, you have access to a platform which is sexy, but more importantly simple and practical, too.

The Payroll & Human Resources team

No payroll service, no pay. For you, and for us, they are essential. They do the work of a large company with a skeleton crew.

The Marketing, Communications and Graphic Design team

The Com/Market team develops our brand awareness on the Internet, the web, social media, in the press and during our events.

The team of Business Developers and Consultants

They have a flair for finding companies that need help with their recruitment and they understand their needs in an instant. Some of them live near our key accounts in Paris.

The team of Talent Agents

Genuine free spirits, the Talent Agents work for and on behalf of Gojob, but they have freelance status. They are located all across France.

Join the Gojob family
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