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French startup Gojob lands €11 million to expand its 100% online job platform
French startup Gojob lands €11 million to expand its 100% online job platform

French startup Gojob lands €11 million to expand its 100% online job platform

The startup Gojob, specialized in temporary work, has raised €11 million, from Alter equity, Banque des Territoires, Région Sud Investissement and Kois. This new funding means that the startup has raised €30 million in total so far.
24 janv. 2020

Founded in 2015, Gojob is fast becoming a leader in the temporary job market. Having placed 10,000 workers in 2019, it has a 100% digital approach based on algorithms which allows for even faster and more accurate matching, at half the cost. “We can provide a candidate in less than four hours,” promises Pascal Lorne, Founder and CEO.

In addition to helping people find temporary work, the startup launched the Gojob Foundation in 2016, a fund to support non-profit projects related to inclusive employment. The foundation supports the reintegration of individuals into the work market, such as individuals with disabilities, offering training and support to launch a new project. 

“Gojob is committed on a daily basis to allowing everyone to find decent work without discrimination,” says CEO Pascal Lorne. “Gojob offers well-paid missions, with all social benefits, including retirement, mutual insurance and unemployment.” 

The startup will use this round of funding to develop relevant tools and services, such as the My Cash application, which allows temporary workers to be paid from the first day in one click. “Our innovations tackle all the obstacles of returning to work,” explains Pascal Lorne. The company will also strengthen its sales force and invest in marketing to maintain its growth rate of + 15% per month. After achieving a turnover of 22 million euros in 2019, it aims for 50 million this year and 100 million in 2021.

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