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Temporary work: what the law says

Legal issues

There are many questions about the temporary employment code.

To answer them, all our articles on the most frequently asked legal questions are here to help you see more clearly.

Contracts and terms for temporary workers

What is an agency contract?

You should receive a written statement of terms for any temporary role that you take on. Read on to find out more.
Receiving unemployment benefits whilst a temporary worker

Can you receive unemployment benefits whilst a temporary worker?

You’re unemployed and then you land a temporary job. The question is, are you still eligible for benefits? Read on to find out.
How do I quit my temping role?

Can I quit my temping job before the end of the contract?

If you want to leave your temping assignment early, there are a few things that you’ll need to bear in mind.
What to do if I have an accident whilst being a temporary worker

I’ve had an accident whilst being a temporary worker. What should I do?

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